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Posted By Madilyn Moeller, Tuesday, February 6, 2024

The new Executive Legal Guides include overviews of energy device and telemedicine regulations, plus a full treatment delegation table.

By Madilyn Moeller, Content Coordinator, American Med Spa Association (AmSpa)

Understanding who can do what medical spa treatment in multiple states has never been easier. With the new version of our Executive Legal Guides you’ll have new resources addressing how the selected states regulate energy devices and telemedicine. You’ll also get access to the full treatment delegation table outlining who can perform medical aesthetic treatments in each state.

The new Executive Legal Guides include five sections.

  1. The threat assessment provides a brief look at the relative restrictiveness of the state’s laws governing the medical aesthetic industry.
  2. The compliance overview covers the state’s regulations regarding issues including ownership, supervision and delegation, scope of practice and more.
  3. The new laser overview covers how the state generally regulates energy devices.
  4. The new telemedicine overview covers the state’s regulations regarding telemedicine.
  5. The full treatment delegation table covers whether and under what conditions practitioners are allowed to perform 21 procedures across six professional titles.

Sample Executive Legal Guide (Arizona) Compliance Overview, Delegation Table

“We’re always trying to streamline and improve the member experience and ensure that our members have the most up-to-date compliance information in an easy-to-use format” says AmSpa founder and CEO, Alex R. Thiersch, JD.

For the first time, industry professionals will be able to view the differences in regulations nationwide. AmSpa continues to evolve its guides and tools in response to its members’ needs and the needs of this industry.

AmSpa launched the Multi-state Executive Legal Guides in June 2023 to provide medical spa owners with practices in multiple states, and those who aspire to own practices in multiple states, with the most up-to-date information about the unique legal issues they will encounter in each state in which they operate.

These Multi-state Executive Legal Guides are designed for those investigating opening or expanding into multiple states across the country. They are annual subscriptions that do not require an AmSpa membership to purchase and offer a snapshot of the compliance landscape in a particular state.

Click to learn more about the Multi-state Executive Legal Guides, including pricing and additional information on what is included in each subscription.

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