2022 Medical Spa State of the Industry Report

Medical spa industry statistics and benchmarks from non-surgical aesthetic practices across the country. Take the guesswork out of running your practice!

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We're hard at work building our next bi-annual industry report. Help us get a clearer picture on industry statistics so we can set realistic and accurate benchmarks. Add your practice's data by taking our short survey. This survey is extremely important to the entire medical spa industry, as it lends credibility and hard business data to further solidify medical spas as a growing force in the economy.

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This survey has been simplified from previous years and takes 15 minutes to complete on average. Your participation is incredibly valuable to us and to everyone else in the industry.

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As a reminder:

  • Professionals should hail from medical spas, non-surgical aesthetic centers, laser centers, injectable centers and other non-invasive aesthetic practices.
  • We would like one completed survey per practice. You may solicit information from other professionals from your practice when completing.
  • Some questions pertain to your 2022 and expected 2023 revenues and expenses and how those breakout across general categories, as well as employee average salaries. If you do not have this information you can still complete the survey and opt to skip these questions.

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The 2022 Medical Spa State of the Industry Report provides business, operations, staffing, and legal statistics and analysis of one of the fastest growing industries in the United States, fast approaching a total value of $15 billion.

If you're looking for insight on medical spas and non-invasive medical aesthetics, look no further.

Real Data from Real Medical Spas

  • What is the average medical spa startup cost?
  • What is the average annual revenue of a medical spa?
  • What is the average patient volume per month and spend per visit?
  • What is the average salary for the most common staff types?

Insights from Industry Subject Matter Experts

  • What are some upcoming trends in medical spa ownership?
  • What should you think about when adding treatments or services?
  • What are key considerations for startup medical spas?
  • What are some practices successful medical spas have in common?

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Table of Contents for the 2022 Medical Spa State of the Industry Report*

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Industry Size
    1. Year over year industry growth (number of practices) since 2010
    2. Regional distribution of medical spas
    3. Year over year industry growth (revenue) since 2010
  3. Ownership Structure
    1. Single-owned vs group-owned
    2. Physician-owned vs MSO (including demographics of non-physician owners)
    3. Ownership by medical specialty
    4. The future of medical spa ownership
  4. Operational Details
    1. Free-standing vs part of a larger medical practice
    2. Single location vs multi-location
    3. Average number of employees
    4. Breakdown of medical spa medical directors
    5. Average years in practice
    6. Overview of medical spa treatments
  5. Patient Profile
    1. Average patient demographics
    2. Patient volume and average spend
  6. Financials
    1. Revenue breakdown
    2. Expenses breakdown
    3. Impact of COVID on medical spa financials
    4. Start-up costs
    5. Average compensation
  7. COVID Impact
  8. Segment Differences
  9. Summary of Findings
  10. Study Background and Methodology

*Report offers national data, and does not drill down to individual state or city data.

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