Society for Aesthetic PAs

Connect with AmSpa's community dedicated to PAs in medical aesthetics. Whether you're looking to start your journey in this inspiring field, grow your knowledge or organize with people just like you, SAPA is with you at every stage of your career.

The Society for Aesthetic PAs

Physician Assistants in medical aesthetics have unique needs when it comes to legal resources, training and community organizing.

The Society for Aesthetic PAs supports this dynamic and growing professional group through clinical and business education, online legal references, CME courses and networking opportunities—all created with the specific needs of PAs in mind.

AmSpa Plus members can add this community on to their membership to access all of the additional PA-specific benefits to stay compliant and up-to-date. As the community grows, so will the library of resources, so be sure to keep checking in to see everything that is available!

Benefits to Being a SAPA Member

PA-specific legal resources

32-question PA-specific legal summary for med spa laws affecting PAs in your state covering questions like:

  • Scope of practice;
  • Detailed supervision and delegation;
  • Licensing requirements;
  • and more!
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SAPA-only online chat group in AmSpa Connect.

Build your network of aesthetic PAs. Share advice, trade notes and organize both locally and across the country.

Quarterly town hall conference calls

  • Coming soon in late 2024!
  • SAPA representatives will be able to connect with AmSpa leadership regarding industry updates, pending legislation, and development of benefits to meet PA needs.

PA-specific online education

  • Coming soon in late 2024!

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Questions Included in the SAPA Legal Summary

  1. What is a Physician Assistant?
  2. What is the scope of practice of a physician assistant in my state?
  3. Do physicians have to by physically present when a PA is performing services in a med spa?
  4. Can PAs see new patients or must a physician do it?
  5. Are there special Written Requirements for any orders or patient charts for PAs?
  6. What procedures can a PA legally perform?
  7. What is informed consent? Do all medical procedures require it? What information must be disclosed to satisfy informed consent?
  8. Do PAs have prescriptive authority in my state?
  9. Can a PA hand pre-packaged medication to patients?
  10. Can a PA write a prescription for a controlled substance?
  11. How many PAs can a single physician give prescriptive authority to?
  12. When is a physician-patient relationship needed? How is it established? Is a physician-patient relationship established by a consultation?
  13. What is required by physician supervision?
  14. How does a PA initiate or change the supervising physician relationship?
  15. What are the requirements for meeting frequency?
  16. How many PAs can a single physician supervise?
  17. How many supervising physicians can a PA have?
  18. Who can serve as a supervising physician?
  19. Who can own a medical spa?
  20. What type of entity may own a medical spa?
  21. What are the penalties for improperly owning a medical spa by violating the corporate practice of medicine doctrine in my state?
  22. As a PA, can I employ a "medical director" to provide medical services for my med spa?
  23. As a PA, can I share in the profits of a medical spa?
  24. As a PA, can I take a commission for referring patients and/or administering laser treatments or injectables like Botox?
  25. What decisions related to the med spa have to be made by an MD? Who can hire and fire?
  26. Can I use the initials MD?
  27. Which board oversees the licensing of PAs in my state?
  28. What are the requirements for application for and renewal of a PA license in my state?
  29. How often do I need to renew my license?
  30. What are the CME requirements for biennial registration?
  31. Does my state have any state-specific PA organizations?
  32. What universities in my state offer PA Master programs?