A simple complication, a massive lawsuit

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Wednesday, July 6, 2016

lawsuitDr. Derm has a very large dermatology practice where he practices both medical and cosmetic dermatology. In addition, Dr. Derm is actively involved in many clinical research studies. His patients love to become research subjects because 1) they are treated at no charge and 2) they receive compensation for their travel and expenses getting to his office. Many studies require that blood be drawn as part of the research protocol. One such 32 year old investment banker subject had her bloods drawn at the end of a particular FDA study visit. After the bloods were drawn by his medical assistant, the subject was told, by the medical assistant, to get dressed and schedule her next appointment. Fifteen minutes later, Dr. Derm walked in to the exam room and found the patient on the floor. She had experienced a vasovagal reaction. Dr. Derm was able to get her on the table and she seemed to recover. He sent her home.
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