Acara Names Hottest Medical Aesthetic Procedures of 2015

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Friday, February 6, 2015

After an astonishing $12.6 billion spent on cosmetic procedures in 2013, 2015 is predicted to be the best year yet for the field of medical aesthetics. Leading this trend is Acara Partners, a comprehensive firm of business, marketing, advertising and digital experts.
Co-founded by Francis and Colleen Acunzo, the couple in business and in life who led the creation of the medical aesthetics industry, the agency projects a surprising front-runner in this year’s 10 most profitable aesthetic procedures: the facelift. “At the end of the day, people have a perpetual desire to look as young as they feel,” said Francis Acunzo, CEO of Acara Partners. “And the technological advancements we’ve been able to recommend to the industry’s leading doctors have accounted for a level of demand and access like none we’ve ever seen before.”
Taking the number two spot is another classic that continues to evolve, the tummy tuck, followed by an up-and-coming procedure that’s finally having its day, non-surgical laser vaginal rejuvenation.  “Whether it’s a classic way to do new things, or a new way to achieve classic results, our business is built on the promise to never stop researching and identifying innovation,” said managing partner and co-founder Colleen Acunzo. Fat transfer, laser liposuction, breast augmentation, body contouring, fractional laser resurfacing, skin tightening and photofacials round out the list.
Long before forecasting an influx of facelifts procedures in 2015, Acara Partners gave the medical aesthetics industry a facelift of its own. With decades of experience in building practices—from the acquisition and consolidation of top day spas to become the largest day spa company at that time, to the opening, acquiring and strategic positioning of a wide array of salons and health clubs—the Acunzos identified a large spike in cosmetic procedures, as well as the need for a solely focused firm that specialized in medical practices, and in turn established just that. Since then, they have spearheaded the launch and revamp of over 165 medical practices, while exponentially increasing top and bottom line demand. With a proven track record in medical aesthetics, the firm is now being sought out by other private medical practices including pediatrics, family practice, OBGYN, internal medicine, dermatology and radiology.   
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