Acara Partners to Launch Digital Summit in New York City

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Friday, April 17, 2015

Acara Partners, leading business, marketing, advertising and digital consultants in the medical aesthetics industry, has announced the launch of their digital summit, REACH, an educational resource for industry professionals to be uplifted, informed and inspired. Starting in New York City, with subsequent events in Dallas and Los Angeles, around 200 doctors and medical practice managers attending REACH will learn tricks of the trade and explore strategies to increase sales and profits in the face of business challenges and fierce competition. Acara Partners will also be including intelligence from the summit in their new bi-monthly subscription-based newsletter, making the medical cosmetic, health and beauty trends they identify more accessible to others. “Our ultimate goal is to create initiatives that will further our deep-rooted commitment to helping professionals keep up with this rapidly evolving industry,” said Colleen Acunzo, Acara Partners managing partner and co-founder. The first summit is scheduled to take place in New York City from September 19-20, 2015 at The Westin Hotel and will feature keynote speakers and panelists from a range of prominent professionals in the industry, including internationally-recognized social media and mobile marketing expert Jamie Turner, and best-selling author, CEO and international authority on digital marketing and advertising Brian Carter. Topics of discussion will include and not be limited to content, search, social media and web development, with targeted breakout sessions which apply this knowledge to the medical aesthetic industry.  Acara Partners is co-founded by Francis and Colleen Acunzo, the couple in business and in life who led the creation of the medical aesthetics industry, and are responsible for the launch and revamp of more than 165 medial practices, while exponentially increasing top and bottom line demand.  For more information regarding pricing and registration for REACH, please visit