AmSpa, Sorensen, Wilder & Associates Releases OSHA Compliance Tools for Medical Aesthetic Industry

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Monday, December 8, 2014

The American Med Spa Association (AmSpa) partners with Sorensen, Wilder & Associates to offer the OSHA Self-Assessment Checklist for Medical Spas and other safety policy templates, specifically created for the medical aesthetic industry.
Chicago—December 8, 2014—Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance is often an overlooked regulatory safeguard within the medical aesthetic, medical spa and laser industries. According to Safety Training Specialist, Steve Wilder, president and CEO of Sorensen, Wilder & Associates and a board-certified healthcare safety professional with more than 30 years of healthcare risk management experience, "It only takes one OSHA visit to shut your medical spa down. There are critical programs most medical spas are not even aware of that are needed within a medical spa setting to remain OSHA complaint. If a medical spa is found noncompliant, it should expect payment penalties." Most penalties begin at approximately $1,500 per violation; the law allows them to start as high as $7,500 per violation and repeat violations can begin at $75,000.
The OSHA Self-assessment Checklist for Medical Spas
To avoid these business-breaking fees and to keep your facility running safely and legally, AmSpa has partnered with Sorensen, Wilder & Associates to release the OSHA Self-assessment Checklist for Medical Spas. Upon completion of this self-assessment, medical aesthetic and laser facilities will receive a report that indicates areas in which they are compliant and areas that need additional resources. The purchase price of the checklist includes a review of the completed document by Sorensen, Wilder & Associates, followed by a written report featuring suggestions and recommendations to help the business realize a better state of compliance.
According to Alex Thiersch, founder and director of AmSpa, "Considering the recent surge in the popularity of medical aesthetic facilities, it will not be long before OSHA begins making its presence known. If a medical spa is not prepared, the results can be financially devastating.” Wilder agrees, stating, "The old saying ‘ignorance is no excuse from the law’ is very true when it comes to OSHA compliance. Sadly, few medical spa owners realize the occupational hazards they face, and the financial severity of the penalties that can be imposed against them for failing to comply with the applicable OSHA standards.”
Additional policy templates
In addition to the OSHA Self-assessment Checklist for Medical Spas, AmSpa and Sorensen, Wilder & Associates have also developed a series of policy templates designed to assist medical aesthetics and laser facilities in getting closer to compliance.These templates include:
As the voice of the medical spa industry, AmSpa works to provide comprehensive resources to encourage its members to work toward and maintain a high level of medical professionalism. As the medical spa industry expands nationally and globally, medical spa owners are striving to minimize risk so they can focus on providing excellent client service.
One crucial element of a successful medical spa is that it operates and provides services in compliance with its state laws. Developing written workplace safety programs that comply with the applicable OSHA standards, as well as providing ongoing, documented safety training for employees, allows medical aesthetic facility owners to enjoy a safe working environment without the fear of a costly OSHA inspection.
According to Gina Meyer-Shaffer, executive director of marketing and new business development at AmSpa, "We are excited to make these documents available for our members, and we are confident that they will be an excellent benefit.” For more information on AmSpa and the benefits of becoming a member, visit
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