Are You Chasing the Wrong Patients?

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Thursday, August 15, 2019

When consulting with cosmetic practices, I ask them who their preferred patient is, and the answer is typically, “Everybody!” The challenge with this is that everybody is everywhere, so you end up spending a fortune trying to be everywhere they are.
You throw money at website design, organic search, social media marketing, google ad words, directories and more, to attract “anybody.” Your staff spends a significant amount of time posting on Instagram and Snapchat and answering inquiries of potential patients in hopes they become real cash-paying patients.
So, how’s this working out for you?
If you are not getting the results you want for the time, money and effort you’re putting into it, it may be time to stop and reconsider your strategy. Here are three ideas that can help you improve your patient metrics.
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