Because Results Matter: 20 Years of Sciton Innovations

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Sciton is a Silicon Valley-Based Laser Company that proudly celebrated a big anniversary last year. 2017 marks the 20th year for this innovative powerhouse and their team of award winning physicists and engineers. Over the last two decades Sciton has established a well-earned reputation for creating skin technology that has steadily built a very loyal customer base thrilled with the company’s focus on science and achieving results that matter.

Sciton, Inc., situated in Palo Alto, is a privately owned medical device company established in 1997 by cofounders Jim Hobart, Ph.D., and Daniel Negus, Ph.D., who met while they were working at Coherent. As Dr Negus explained, "Our mission from the very beginning was to provide advanced laser and light sources to medical professionals worldwide that are technical and performance leaders, offering unparalleled results and consistent reproducibility." They also set out to give physicians the highest possible value in terms of reliability and durability, and solve real problems to improve the human condition. Sciton’s raison d’etre is actually pretty simple. As Dr Hobart says, "Dan and I formed a company to make things to sell that would delight physicians and patients.”