Blush Aesthetics, Cocoon Host Makeup Donation Drive for Domestic Violence Survivors

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Tuesday, December 14, 2021

This holiday season, Blush Aesthetics is providing domestic violence survivors the opportunity to receive free corrective treatments for any abuse scars a survivor may have.

"So sometimes patients have ligature marks from domestic and violence situations and those can be constant everyday reminders for them," explained Charlotte Hagarty, a nurse practitioner at Blush Aesthetics. "We have some treatments in the office. With a consultation, we can look at those marks and help them improve the appearance of those marks greatly to help kind of reduce that reminder of what the struggles they have had to go through."

Through a partnership with the Cocoon, a local organization that provides services for those in domestic violence situations, Blush Aesthetics is hoping to help support survivors by offering these free services and pampering them with different hygiene products through a donation drive.

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