Botox Bars Raise Concern Among Medical Experts: "Things Can Happen"

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Nearly 16 million minimally invasive cosmetic procedures took place last year in the United States. That includes nearly 7.5 million injections of Botox and other neurotoxins to reduce wrinkles, and more than 2.5 million filler injections to shape the face. These enhancements traditionally require a visit to a doctor's office—but new salons are offering injections in a more casual setting, raising fears of potential risks.
These spas, called the "dry bars of Botox," focus on anti-aging injectables, which are designed to be more convenient and less clinical than a doctor's visit. And while it's legal for non-physicians, like nurses, to administer these products, professionals said these procedures carry serious risks.
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