Botox Cosmetic (onabotulinumtoxinA) Reveals 2024 Women Entrepreneur Grant Recipients

Posted By Madilyn Moeller, Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Allergan Aesthetics, an AbbVie company

Allergan Aesthetics, an AbbVie company revealed this year's 20 Botox Cosmetic grant recipients. Each inspiring woman entrepreneur will receive a $25,000 grant, mentorship, and access to community through the Botox Cosmetic grant program in partnership with IFundWomen. The winners were hand-selected by a dedicated panel of experts with support from IFundWomen, aesthetic provider entrepreneurs, and Allergan Aesthetics executive leadership.

"We were overwhelmed with the response to this year's program, receiving nearly 11,000 applications, which is almost double what we received in 2023," said Carrie Strom, President, Allergan Aesthetics and Senior Vice President, AbbVie. "This influx of applications further reinforces the need for this program, and we are thrilled to support extraordinary women entrepreneurs. Last year's recipients inspired us to continue to empower confidence among women entrepreneurs. Based on their feedback, we are offering enhanced coaching and greater opportunities for networking."

While the number of women-owned businesses in the country continues to grow, less than three percent of venture capital (VC) funding goes to these businesses, with less than one percent of VC funding going to Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) women entrepreneurs. Additionally, women entrepreneurs report higher levels of burnout due to various reasons including feelings of isolation, reinforcing the need for community among these women. These disparities create ample opportunity for the Botox Cosmetic grant program to further help bridge the Confidence Gap in the workplace.

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