Bridging the Generation Gap

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Monday, February 29, 2016


John Fezza, MD: I find the older generation is more apt to work harder with less complaints and lower expectations. They exhibit solid work ethics and have good manners. These Baby Boomers are more respectful and gracious, while the Millennials and Gen X feel more entitled and don’t always want to put the time or commitment in to achieve a goal. The notion is true that the Baby Boomers “live to work,” meaning they are involved in their jobs and save their money. The younger generations “work to live,” meaning they use their jobs to fund their lifestyle and spend their money at the expense of saving it.

That being said, I feel a particular personality type is more important than generational gap differences. I can find the right fit for my practice in all generations.

Adam Schaffner, MD: Older employees not raised in a high-tech society affording immediate access to information tend to be more patient and tolerant of delay while being more resistant to change. However, they may be slower to learn and use new technology. Older employees are trained on technology they must use and not on technologies that are not essential to their job.

Younger employees rapidly embrace and utilize new technology but are intolerant of delay. In addition, younger employees sometimes lack judgment, which comes from experience and personal interaction. This results in the need to counsel younger employees to use social media appropriately and not use cell phones inappropriately, for example.    

Jason Emer, MD: As an employee, I have faced challenges with regards to social media and internet marketing. Those seeking cosmetic treatments—especially Millennials—are looking on the web and social media sites/review sites (e.g., Yelp/RealSelf) to find patient reviews, see before and after photos, procedural videos...They want to feel they understand the physician, their philosophy and expertise, and personality even before coming in the door. My previous employer had an issue with Internet social/media marketing, and lost out on the ability to capture new business. I started my own practice that is heavily focused on patient experiences, customer service, quality care, and customized treatment plans for aesthetic services that reaches all age groups and caters to those seeking innovative, honest physicians who are social media active.

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