Candela Announces the Launch of the Frax Pro System

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Candela, a leading global medical aesthetic device company, has announced the availability of the Frax Pro system. The FDA-cleared, non-ablative fractional device is the first platform featuring dual-depth skin resurfacing with both Frax 1550 and the novel Frax 1940 applicators. The two modalities target different skin layers, stimulating growth of new collagen and revealing smoother, more brilliant skin. The Frax 1940 handpiece delivers a 1940-nm wavelength laser beam for a shallow, epidermal approach, with focal reach extending to approximately 200 μm in depth. The 1550-nm wavelength of the Frax 1550 handpiece penetrates deeper, with histological analysis showing up to 800-μm penetration. Clinical studies demonstrate high rates of textural improvement and patient satisfaction with the Frax 1550 and Frax 1940 handpieces.
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