Changes to Illinois Limited Liability Company Act Effects Medical Spas

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Tuesday, October 23, 2018

This year Illinois amended their Limited Liability Company (LLC) and Professional LLC (PLLC) Acts. Professionals that want to provide professional services as a LLC will need to register as a PLLC and list “PLLC”, “P.L.L.C.”, or “professional limited liability company” in the company’s name. The amendment requires existing LLCs that provide professional services to convert to a PLLC by filing a name amendment with the Secretary of State. No fee is needed to file this amendment but PLLCs will need to renew their registration every third year and pay the renewal fee. Previously LLCs which offered professional services needed to identify themselves as a “LLC” and renew their registration annually.
If your medical spa is organized as a LLC in Illinois please consult with your attorney to insure you are in compliance with the changes to the law.