Clarius Receives CE Mark Certification for Seven New Ultra-Portable Wireless Ultrasound Scanners

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Clarius Mobile Health is first to introduce a third-generation product line of high-performance wireless ultrasound scanners in the European Union and United Kingdom. Now 30% lighter and smaller, the new pocket-sized scanners that connect with Apple and Android devices are available today with revolutionary pricing and new features that will put premium handheld ultrasound into the hands of more doctors. Clarius has replaced the complex knobs and buttons found on traditional ultrasound systems with an app that uses artificial intelligence and intuitive touch-based controls. Thousands of first and second generation Clarius scanners are already in use across the continent to improve diagnostic speed and accuracy and improve procedural safety.

“Clinicians in Europe and the UK have been early adopters of Clarius wireless ultrasound, and we know excitement has been building for our new miniaturized Clarius HD3 because we’ve had a long list of customers eagerly waiting for CE certification,” says Clarius Founder Laurent Pelissier. “Our mission has always been to improve patient care by enabling more clinicians to use ultrasound. Now that Clarius is reduced to the size of an iPhone, easier to use, and costs less, we’re expecting more clinicians will use ultrasound to deliver the best patient care.”

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