Colorado Physician Assistant Supervision Bill Nears Passage

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Tuesday, April 23, 2019

A bill in the Colorado legislature that would require physician assistants (PAs) to receive mandated supervision and review time at certain points in their career is nearing passage. We previously covered House Bill 1095 (HB 1095) here. The bill has been through several committees in the House and passed a full House vote last month. Last week, it passed the Senate with some amendments. On April 22, the House concurred with the Senate amendments. From here, it will head to the governor’s desk.
To recap, HB 1095 would require that PAs receive certain levels of supervision based on how long they have been practicing, starting at 160 hours of direct supervision for PAs who have been licensed less than three years and thereafter being governed by the practice agreement. The practice agreement can set conditions and restrictions on certain specific duties, procedures and medication. PAs who already have been practicing for three years and want to make a substantial change in their scope of practice or area must complete an additional period of 80 hours of onsite supervision. HB 1095 also would add two seats to the medical board to be filled by PAs, and PAs with three years of practice would be liable for their own professional negligence.
In amendments, HB 1095 has added an affirmative requirement for PAs to carry malpractice insurance, and supervising physicians may retain liability for PAs in the first three years of practice. Physicians also would be able to supervise up to eight PAs at a time, but may not be required to oversee more than four unless they agree. And in the Senate, an appropriation of $4,650 was added to implement this bill.  It looks like HB 1095 is very close to becoming law, and when it does, it will provide substantial guidance and structure to PAs and their supervising physicians. If you would like to contact HB 1095’s sponsors, they can be reached via the legislature’s website.