CosMedical Technologies Unveils Revitalize + Restore Microbiome Shampoo: A Revolutionary Solution for Scalp Health and Hair Growth

Posted By Madilyn Moeller, Friday, June 7, 2024

Revitalize + Restore Microbiome Shampoo from CosMedical Technologies. Diversify your custom branded skincare portfolio

CosMedical Technologies, a leader in skincare innovation and forerunner in the custom branded skincare industry, proudly unveils its latest breakthrough: Revitalize + Restore Microbiome Shampoo.

CosMedical Technologies has long been at the forefront of developing advanced skincare solutions. With a commitment to providing high-quality, custom-branded skincare products to professionals, the company continues to set industry standards. Their latest product, Revitalize + Restore Microbiome Shampoo, is a testament to their dedication to innovation and excellence.

The CEO of CosMedical Technologies, Gina Stabile, stated, "Revitalize + Restore Microbiome Shampoo presents an exciting opportunity for skincare professionals to diversify their custom branded skincare portfolio. This innovative product allows practices to offer a solution that meets the growing demand for effective hair and scalp care treatments that rival the quality of products we use to treat facial skin. We believe it will set a new standard in scalp and hair care.”

As a practicing dermatologist with over four decades of experience and founder of CosMedical Technologies, Dr. Loretta Ciraldo has treated countless patients with scalp and hair loss problems. “Hair loss has many causes, including alopecia areata, male and female alopecia, hormonally induced hair thinning, and hair loss due to medications like chemotherapy,” says Dr. Ciraldo. “The increasing number of patients with hair thinning and other scalp issues inspired the creation of Revitalize + Restore Microbiome Shampoo."

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