Cosmetic Dentistry Disaster in Poland Leaves Woman in Coma from which She'll Never Wake

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Tuesday, July 26, 2022

A woman has spent been left brain dead in a coma after a cosmetic dentistry operation in Poland went tragically wrong. A criminal investigation is now under way into what happened to 57-year-old Beata Filipek.

Her family in Leeds claim she was given fentanyl during the procedure and had a reaction to the opiate, leading to permanent brain damage. The family say Beata, a beautician, who ran and exercised every day, had begun suffering bone loss in her lower jaw, and wanted implants to maintain her appearance.

She booked a £18,569 procedure under anaesthetic in a private dental clinic in Lublin on April 13 and arranged for an aunt to pick her up. At 3.24pm that day, she texted the aunt that she had signed all the consents, and the treatment was starting.

It was supposed to last 90 minutes and she had to wait two hours until she recovered from anaesthetic. Ms Beaty's aunt called her at 7pm, but, after getting no reply, went around to the clinic.

She was horrified to find her niece lying unconscious on the bed with a plastic mask on her face. She was told by the doctors that the hospital had already been notified and that an ambulance was on its way.

At 8:30 pm, Beata was rushed to intensive care at the hospital at Staszica Street in Lublin. Just days later, Beata's sister, Dagmara, flew from the United States, where she lives, to Poland, to find out what really happened to her sister.

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