Couples Plastic Surgery By The Decade

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Couples plastic surgery has never been more “in”. It used to be reserved for a more senior age group, with his and hers facelifts at age 60, for example. Well, this is a new era, ushered in by increasing pressure to look good in our over-exposed and image conscious social media lives. Decades ago, you posed for photographs, and found out only after the film was developed, which one of your friends was exceedingly photogenic, and which ones perhaps were not. At the time, only celebrities were expected to know how to pose, or know how to professionally apply makeup. Times have changed, and not only are more men visiting plastic surgery offices, but so are more couples. Here we compiled a list of Couples Plastic Surgery by the Decade. (Yes we know couples come in all gender combinations, so please don’t take offense at the simplified text varying from male and female, to partners. We love all variations of our coupled patients.) Read more at Plastic Surgery Post.