Crystal Clear Digital Marketing Exclusive Five-Part Series

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Friday, February 10, 2017

Join Crystal Clear President, Tim Sawyer, for this cutting-edge webinar series – and the best part is, it’s absolutely FREE! Discover the secrets to success and the pitfalls to avoid to not only enhance your digital marketing presence, but also grow your medical practice. You won’t want to miss this!
#1: Social Media – Beyond the Hype
Wednesday, March 1st @ 2pm EST

#2: The Simple Secrets of SEO
Tuesday, March 14th @ 2pm EST

#3: Best Practices in Email Marketing

Wednesday, March 29th @ 2pm EST

#4: Building a Profitable Website

Wednesday, April 12th @ 2pm EST

#5: Your Practice’s People, Processes and Tools

Date TBD
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