Doctor Selling COVID-19 “Cure” Pleads Guilty

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Friday, July 23, 2021

Jennings Ryan Staley, a physician who attempted to profit from the pandemic by marketing a “miracle cure” for COVID-19, pleaded guilty in federal court today, admitting that he tried to smuggle hydroxychloroquine into the United States to sell in his coronavirus “treatment kits.”

Staley, the former operator of Skinny Beach Med Spas in and around San Diego, also admitted in his plea agreement that he abused his position of trust as a physician in making the extreme claims, and that he lied to the FBI when confronted about it.

The doctor pleaded guilty to one count of importation contrary to law, admitting that he worked with a Chinese supplier to try to smuggle into the United States a barrel that he believed contained over 26 pounds of hydroxychloroquine powder by mislabeling it as “yam extract.” Staley admitted that he intended to sell the hydroxychloroquine powder in capsules as part of his 2020 business venture selling the COVID-19 “treatment kits.”

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