Doctors' Opinions on the ACA

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Friday, January 20, 2017

Doctors have long complained about any rules and regulations that take them away from providing care for their patients. But for Hill, the Affordable Care Act took things too far.
"The ACA took this terrible broken health care system and added a lot of burden onto physicians," Hill says. "We're losing the focus of who we're supposed to be taking care of: the patient. You're not my customer anymore. Now, I've got to respond to the federal bureaucracy, not you."
Jamie Thomas hears a similar refrain from doctors every day. He's the vice president of recruiting for the Atlanta office of the Medicus Firm, which places physicians in new jobs.
"Older physicians or physicians that have gone into it as a passion want to have the continuity of care for their patients that I think they feel is jeopardized in this system," Thomas says.