Does the Future of Beauty Reside in Our DNA?

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Friday, September 29, 2017

Like a well-fitting suit, beauty products can be tailored to meet an individual’s exact needs. But the latest trend is going beyond categorical personal­ization. Some brands are tailoring their products to meet consumers’ needs at the molecular level.
Brands like Home DNA and Geneu supply consumers with DNA tests for a better understanding of the consumer’s skin care needs even before issues occur—an individual doesn’t have to show signs of aging for the test to recognize a predispo­sition to wrinkles or collagen loss.
If a user’s genes indicate genetic variations that compromise skin’s elasticity, the report will recommend using products with beta glucan, vitamin E and other ingredients to promote firming and reduce elasticity breakdown.
“Our recommen­dations point consumers in the right direction because there are so many skin care options that the choices often become overwhel­ming,” said Connie Hallquist, president and CEO of DNA Diagnostics Center, producers of HomeDNA Skin Care. “Finally, consumers have tailored recommen­dations to help achieve better skin care results.”
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