Expanded Legal Summary for New Jersey is Now Live!

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Friday, January 5, 2018

AmSpa's state-by-state medical spa legal summaries provide members with a simple, one-stop resource to answer questions regarding regulations that effect their businesses. The newly revamped summary for New Jersey is now live! AmSpa members in this state should notice over 40 additional answered questions sorted by Frequently Asked Questions, Treatment Questions, Practitioner Questions, and General Categories like ownership, personnel, staffing, and more. The upgraded summary comes courtesy of our partners at ByrdAdatto, a law firm whose aesthetic practice reaches across the United States. 
AmSpa Plus! members will find answers to 25 additional FAQs, as well as full access to AmSpa's 2017 State of the Industry Survey, and login access for up to 10 team members. 

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