GetHarley: The Digital Platform Set to Revolutionize the Medical Aesthetic Industry

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Monday, March 22, 2021

We have all been there—defeated by our skin problems, yet have no idea what to do to to solve them; or dreaming about having the same A-list facialist who makes Meghan Markle’s skin glow, but only find that they are located in a different city, country or even continent. For the few who can stomach the hefty cost of a consultation session with the world’s most renowned skin care experts, they are still likely to face the virtual impossibility of securing an appointment within six months of booking. Oh, and don’t forget about the pandemic-imposed restrictions—many clinics haven’t been open for months, leaving consumers with skin care needs frustrated.
At last, it seems a solution has arrived in the most 2021 fashion. Meet GetHarley, a digital online platform that offers simplified access to clinic-only brands and, most importantly, a string of highly sought-after skin care professionals with waiting lists at the mere cost of £30.
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