Grazie: 20 Unique Ways to Thank Your Staff

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Friday, September 2, 2016

You are probably already great at consistently saying “thank you” around your office. After all, you know your staff does a lot of things for which you are grateful. While it is certainly nice to hear the words, sometimes in the midst of the daily grind, a more personal gesture can add a beautiful exclamation point to the sentiment. Here are 20 unique and personal ways you can express your gratitude for your staff: 1. Pass out simple, handwritten notes about something specific to each person. 2. Make a sign with your own hands that greets patients as they walk in the office. (I think our staff rocks! Dr. Kenkare) 3. Catch people helping out their peers and acknowledge them by giving them a small goody. This lets them know their kindness/teamwork did not go unnoticed. Read more at Practical Dermatology.