Guide to Surviving Consolidation

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Friday, November 4, 2016

Consolidation is the new normal, and while this trend is now being well documented across many specialties, dermatologists and dermatology practices have been ahead of the curve. 
As it stands, Advanced Dermatology, headquartered in Maitland, FL, is the largest dermatology practice in the country, with more than 140 locations, but growing numbers of dermatology practices are following suit. (You can read about Advanced Dermatology’s model in the August edition of Practical Dermatology® magazine, available at In a lot of ways, consolidation makes financial sense, as it provides a steady paycheck while decreasing administrative burdens and headaches.
Practical Dermatology® reached out to Margaret Cary, MD, MBA, MPH, an executive coach for physicians in Washington, DC to get some tips on how dermatologists can better cope with consolidation when or if it should occur.
Dr. Cary is the author of several books including Telemedicine and Telehealth: Principles, Policies, Performance, and Pitfalls as well as the forthcoming The Anatomy of a Good Doctor.
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