Hahn & Company Begins Strategic Merger of Cynosure and Lutronic

Posted By Madilyn Moeller, Friday, April 5, 2024

Cynosure: Beautiful Energy

Hahn & Company has successfully completed the acquisition of Cynosure and is now preparing for its integration of Cynosure and Lutronic, uniting two leading global providers of energy-based medical aesthetic treatment systems under the parent company Cynosure Lutronic, Inc. This merger will usher in a new chapter for the aesthetics industry, with Cynosure Lutronic set to raise global aesthetic standards, united by a commitment to innovation, excellence, and safety.

The strategic merger is designed to leverage both companies' considerable expertise and resources, presenting a suite of products and services while ensuring comprehensive customer service and aesthetic solutions. Enhanced by a collective global presence and bolstered research and development capabilities, Cynosure Lutronic is well-positioned to maintain the ongoing delivery of innovative, market-leading solutions and support to customers. "Uniting Cynosure and Lutronic signifies a bold step towards reshaping the landscape of medical aesthetics. This merger embodies our collective dedication to pushing boundaries and ensuring excellence in customer experience," said Nadav Tomer, who will be CEO of the newly merged entity.

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