InMode Introduces Morpheus8 Platform and Morpheus8 Body Fractional Technology

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Monday, August 17, 2020

InMode Ltd., a global provider of medical technologies, has announced a new FDA clearance to market the Morpheus8 Body handpiece and Morpheus8 Platform.
Morpheus8 Body is the first intelligent, programmable, full-body fractional technology to deliver clinically proven RF energy up to a thermal depth of 8 mm (7-mm pin depth plus an additional 1-mm thermal profile), with its 40 gold-coated pins. As the first and only FDA-cleared technology to penetrate subdermal tissue with a thermal profile of 8 mm, the new Morpheus8 Body handpiece is designed to provide physicians with a faster, bigger solution to deliver customizable full-body fractional treatments. Based on the success of InMode's proprietary technology, the new FDA clearance extends its line of subdermal adipose remodeling devices (SARDs).
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