Introducing: Fernro Skin Analysis System, The Newest Collaboration Between FSAS and DermaConcepts

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Thursday, December 30, 2021

Fernro Skin Analysis System (FSAS) and DermaConcepts have partnered to provide you accurate, thorough, and professional guided skincare consultations – face to face and remote! 

Prof. Des Fernandes, founder of Environ Skin Care, and Jennifer Munro have teamed up to strategically design a unique system – the Fernro Skin Skin Analysis System – for aestheticians who are passionate about taking their customers on a skin improvement journey. The new system helps aestheticians save time by streamlining the consultation process by generating an effective, customizable, and personalized at-home product recommendation and in-practice services action plan. 

FSAS is curated with the aesthetician in mind by emphasizing privacy, security & data protection, CLOUD storage for easy accessibility, personalized ingredient and treatment recommendations based on analysis and subscription package options, all of which allow aestheticians the ability to build client trust, boost retail product and in-practice service sales and the opportunity to learn from a reference library and connect with other aestheticians. 

“I recommend this platform in particular, because it offers so much more than the required thorough intake forms,” says DermaConcepts Director of Education Candace Noonan, “It offers an opportunity to really create the best foundation for a well thought out and scientifically backed treatment program. It’s like having the access to the knowledge a plastic surgeon or dermatologist can offer at your fingertips. 

"It is user-friendly, easy to use, and technologically savvy. I haven’t seen many systems on the market that offers the same value in terms of content and support.”

For more information visit - Sign up now, and receive a 3 month trial of FSAS and a $50 Environ Skin Care Product Credit!