Key Conversations Your Spa Team Must Have To Increase Your Spa Revenue

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Do you know what conversations are taking place in your Spa and or Medi Spa? Are they purposeful or meaningless conversations that lead to small talk and unproductive results?

To be successful, your team must have key conversation points with every guest. Their experience should include key questions presented to every guest. Questions to discover your guests’ needs. Followed with the solutions to address their specific needs.

Your spa team should have purposeful conversations. The following 4 Steps will guide you into key conversations leading to a great guest experience and increased revenue. 

1. Greeting
Goal: Building Rapport 

Making a great first impression sets the stage for the entire spa experience. Teach the team to start with the word WELCOME! Welcome should be the first word out of their mouths.

Followed with an introduction. (“Welcome Mrs. Colsky! I am Dori Soukup. I will be performing your treatment today. Allow me to help you! ”) Help the guest and guide them to the treatment suite.
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