Lose Workplace Stress in Three Easy Steps

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Businesses are looking for ways to reduce workplace stress while increasing production. With the constant need for motion, it has become more difficult for employees to manage stress and be successful. According to entrepreneur. com, there is a way to reduce stress and increase production in three easy steps.
Create a Productive Environment
A study of 10,500 workers in Europe, the U. S. and Asia in November 2014 discovered that employees are interrupted every 11 minutes while it takes 23 minutes to refocus on the task at hand. While 95% of the 10,500 workers stated that they wanted to work privately, 41% could actually do it while 31% had to leave their office to complete tasks. In order to find that balance where workers can focus alone while still enabling in some form of collaboration with their co-workers, establish conference rooms and open spaces for people who need to take a break from privacy and create privacy spaces for the employees that need to get away from conversa­tions. 
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