Man Falls Victim to Alleged Scam Artist Claiming to Be Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Wednesday, November 17, 2021

A man allegedly scammed out of thousands of dollars for plastic surgery he never got is warning you of the dangers of social media.

Now looking back, he admits there were a few red flags, but the woman's page advertised before and after pictures, her certification and doctor badge. 

Jimenez is now doing his part to warn you.

"Make a wiser decision before choosing a plastic surgeon," he said. "Do your research before you fall victim like me."

Jimenez says since filing a police report, he's been refunded $7,500 and is working with San Antonio Police to get the other $10,000. The case is in the process of being presented to the District Attorney's Office.

Remember, if someone tells you they're board certified, you can do a quick search on the Texas Medical Board website.

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