Massachusetts DPH Issues Guidance for Non-emergency Procedures During Re-opening

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Thursday, May 21, 2020

As of May 18, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is issuing new guidelines to hospitals and health care providers in accordance with the state’s four-phase reopening plan, to allow some non-emergency procedures or deferred care that may now need attention. Hospitals and Community Health Centers may begin this reopening starting on May 18, and all other health care providers may begin starting on May 25.
Only a limited set of in-person services will resume, including:
To begin offering these in-person services, providers must attest that they are able to deliver these services safely while preserving the health care system’s ability to treat COVID-19.This includes specific safety standards such as social distancing, personal protective equipment use and infection control.
DPH Phase 1 Reopening Guidance – Non Acute Care Hospitals
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