Med Spas and Medical Aesthetic Practices Have a More Powerful Legal Resource

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Medical spas and medical aesthetic practices have an even more powerful legal resource. The American Med Spa Association, the leading legal and educational resource in medical aesthetics, is increasing its legal clout by joining with national health care and business law firm ByrdAdatto. Together, AmSpa and ByrdAdatto represent the pre-eminent source of legal expertise serving medical spas and medical aesthetic professionals in the United States. AmSpa’s proprietary state-by-state medical aesthetic legal summaries are the only source that comprehensively explains the various laws controlling medical aesthetics in an easy-to-understand format, ranging from corporate structure; to daily operations; treatment types; HIPAA and OSHA; FDA; regulations issued from medical boards, nursing boards, cosmetology boards, and much more. AmSpa Founder/Director, Alex Thiersch, and AmSpa associate general counsel, Renee Coover, will be joining ByrdAdatto. The firm will also be providing extensive updates to AmSpa’s legal database and will serve as AmSpa’s primary source of legal consultation throughout the country. Regulations governing medical spas and medical aesthetics practices are often either confusing or hard to find. One of AmSpa’s most critical missions has been to synthesize these different laws into a form that is understandable and available to its members. This dovetails with ByrdAdatto’s mission of ensuring that law is transparent, creative, and focused on the client’s best interests. “As the medical spa industry continues its rapid growth, it’s inevitable that regulators will begin to take more notice.” “As the medical spa industry continues its rapid growth, it’s inevitable that regulators will begin to take more notice,” says Thiersch. “The onus is on us as an industry to be as legally compliant as possible, not only to protect our businesses, but also because too many bad actors will cause the existing regulations to tighten and become a burden on business owners.” He added that states, such as California, Illinois, and Texas have already been paying more attention to medical spas in recent years with regard to issues such as aesthetician scope of practice, fee-splitting, and the Corporate Practice of Medicine. AmSpa provides business and legal training and resources to medical spas and medical aesthetic practices through its Medical Spa Boot Camps, its medical spa insurance program, and its online resources, in addition to its legal summaries. To learn more about AmSpa and to become a member or attend an event, contact us at or call 312-981-0993.