Medical Ethics Corner: Lattes & Health Care

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Friday, September 16, 2016

In fact in numerous published articles, Geisinger CEO Dr. David Feinberg repeatedly suggests that delivering medical care is not very different from buying a coffee at Starbucks.  “If you don’t like the cappuccino, they don’t sip it and say, ‘We made it right, we’re not giving you a new one,’” was Feinberg’s quip in a recent edition of Healthcare IT News in defense of his refund policy, which started as a pilot in November of 2015 and now is in full swing.
This concept of promising to patients (or shall we just say consumers of healthcare) a money back guarantee does not sit well with most seasoned physicians.  It raises a number of philosophical issues as well as a host of ethical and legal scenarios that are in conflict with the traditional practice of medicine.
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