Medical Spas Be Aware … Pregnancy Discrimination Claims on the Rise

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Friday, January 22, 2016

A New Orleans day spa is most likely feeling some labor pains of their own after a former employee recently filed a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit against Woodhouse Day Spa.  Esthetician Melinda Breland alleges the day spa delayed approval for her pre-natal exams, causing her anxiety and fear of miscarriage, due to her history of pregnancy complications. Then, after being hospitalized for pregnancy complications, Breland alleges that Woodhouse refused to accommodate Breland’s requests not to perform nail technician work along with her esthetician duties because the fumes made her dizzy and she was having difficult sitting for long periods of time.  According to Breland, her supervisors made inappropriate comments about her pregnant condition and treated her unfairly, eventually terminating her employment after she presented a doctor’s note stating she could not perform nail technician duties while pregnant.  As pregnancy discrimination claims continue to rise, employers should take careful notice of the laws and regulations to avoid making any missteps when dealing with pregnant employees. Medical spa employers may be even more at risk due to the higher prevalence of females in this industry. It is important for medical spa employers to recognize the needs and concerns of pregnant employees, implement and enforce policies that strictly prohibit discrimination against pregnant women and provide training to all staff on ways to accommodate pregnant employees.  Should you have any questions or concerns about your current pregnancy policies, you should consult with an experienced employment attorney. AmSpa members have access to attorneys who can help and, because they are AmSpa members, they receive discounted rates. Click here to learn more about member benefits and to join.