MedSpa Trend Report

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Eyebrow microblading and laser-based vaginal rejuvenation are two treatments that are spurring growth for medical spas, according to a recent industry report.

“I think everyone has to be surprised with the way that microblading has come on the scene: the reception, the profit and the patient demand,” says Alex Thiersch, J.D., founder and director of the American MedSpa Association (AmSpa), which released the report based on data from surveying roughly 500 U.S.-based medical spas.
Thiersch is also surprised by the continuing high-level patient satisfaction of vaginal rejuvenation. “Since becoming truly popular two years ago, we are still seeing patient satisfaction rates in the 90% range, sometimes 95% and higher. This is basically unheard of,” he says.
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