Microblading Scare

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Thursday, August 3, 2017

With any cosmetic procedure where you go under the needle or knife (even NBD treatments like fillers or microblading), there’s a risk of infection. Yes, you’ll most likely walk out of the dermatologist’s office with fewer fine lines or strut out of the salon sporting meticulously microbladed brows. But in some cases, shit goes wrong and serves as a serious cautionary tale.

That’s exactly what happened to Amanda Coats, a woman in Australia whose eyebrows literally fell off after a microblading appointment. She shared her scary-as-hell story on Facebook to serve as a warning about what can go wrong. "I went to get my eyebrows feather tattooed to enhance them," she wrote according to Revelist. "I ended up with a severe infection from the clinic and the skin was just falling away and my eyes blew up. The lady who did it, Ulzii Cleveland, was very rushed, going in and out of the room attending to other clients during my procedure and also doing another eyebrow tattoo at the same time. She did not put new gloves on each time, which does not keep things sterile.”
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