Montana Bill Would Create Master Esthetician Licenses

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Wednesday, March 3, 2021

UPDATE: AmSpa previously reported that Montana Bill HB 593 contained measures on Advanced Esthetics. However, the current version was amended in committee and no longer includes these provision. The Advanced Esthetics license provisions are now contained in HB 493 as provided below:
A bill in Montana would create a new advanced esthetics practitioner license, the holders of which would be able to perform many common medical spa procedures. The bill is sponsored by Representative Katie Zolnikov and is known as House Bill 493 (HB 493); you can review the text of HB 493 in full here. It currently out of Committee and awaits further action by the House.

HB 493 would create a new Advanced esthetics practitioner license under the Board of Barbers and Cosmetologist. Advanced Practice Esthetics includes advanced non-ablative procedures that can use chemical, mechanical, laser or heat alone or in combination, but cannot result in wounding, scarring, or altering scars or underlying tissue. This should allow for a variety of laser or light-based hair removal, tattoo removal, skin tightening and several varieties of skin resurfacing. Advanced esthetics practitioners practice under the supervision of a medical practitioner. Unlike traditional estheticians who must practice in a licensed salon, the advanced esthetics practitioner is able to practice in a medical practitioner’s treatment room. The current language of the bill does not specify the level of supervision that is needed by the medical practitioner. In order to apply for this new license, the person will need to complete a 1,150-hour course, as well as an additional 500 hours of instruction as defined by the board.

There is a trend among many states to move common medical spa procedures to their own license, such as with laser hair removal technicians, or to expand the scope of practice of estheticians, or Advanced Esthetics Practitioner. HB 493, while being part of this trend, is somewhat unique in creating an expanded esthetics license, but also requiring their practice to take place under medical supervision.

AmSpa will be monitoring HB 493 as it works its way through Montana’s legislative process this year.