Months After Suspension, Colorado Springs Clinic Officially Terminated as Vaccine Provider

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Regulators terminated Dr. Moma Health and Wellness Clinic in Colorado Springs as a COVID-19 vaccine provider, the state announced Friday morning, six months after its storage practices were placed under investigation. The state's Board of Nursing will now review the clinic to determine if it violated state law, officials said.

Dr. Moma, a medical spa, has been suspended from administering vaccines since April 9, when the state Department of Public Health and Environment discovered "irregularities" in how the clinic stored and handled vaccines. Regulators also expressed concern about documentation and the clinic's procedures for observing patients post-vaccination. Thousands of people vaccinated at the clinic were told in the spring that they'd need to be restart the entire process, and the Colorado National Guard seized thousands of COVID-19 vaccine doses after the clinic was suspended.

According to a Friday morning press release, the state's months-long investigation determined that the clinic failed to properly store, handle and monitor the temperature of its COVID vaccines; did not observe practices including social distancing and masking requirements within the clinic; and failed to comply with billing requirements. 

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