New Bill Defines Dental Cosmetic Scope of Practice in Maine

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Wednesday, January 13, 2021

A new bill filed in Maine for the 2021 session seeks to clarify and define the dental scope of practice for cosmetic injectables. Senate Bill 34’s (SP 34) primary sponsor is Senator Stacy Brenner, and it has initially been assigned to the Senate Committee on Health Coverage, Insurance and Financial Services for further deliberation. You can read the complete text of SP 34 here.
SP 34 would bring greater clarity to dentists’ authority to perform toxin and filler injections in Maine. If passed, the bill would allow a dentist to perform botulinum toxin or dermal filler injections when they are supported by a diagnosed dental condition or part of a dental treatment plan. It would also make it a disciplinary offense to perform these injections without a dental treatment plan or diagnosed dental condition.
The current dental scope of practice allows a broad array of treatments and methods to diagnose and treat issues of the teeth, jaws or adjacent structures. If passed, SP 34 would not expand that portion of their scope of practice but would affirmatively permit them to employ toxin and filler injections to treat issues related to those locations. This would likely permit injections in the lower face area to address dental ailments but would be unlikely to include treatment of the upper face. Nationally, many dental boards permit licensed dentists to perform cosmetic injections within the traditional dental scope of practice. SP 34 is right in line with that trend.
We will be monitoring SP 34 as it works its way through Maine’s legislative process this year.