New Bill Would Give Collaborative Practice to PAs in Oregon

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Friday, January 22, 2021

A new bill in the Oregon House of Representatives would allow physician assistants (PAs) to form collaboration agreements with physicians, podiatrists and other PAs. The bill, known as House Bill 3036 (HB 3036), can be read in full here. Currently, HB 3036 is awaiting assignment to a committee for further consideration. The primary sponsors of the bill are representatives Andrea Salinas and Raquel Moore-Green. HB 3036 has a number of co-sponsors and was filed at the request of Oregon Society of Physician Assistants.
Currently, PAs in Oregon must practice under the supervision of a physician. Their scope of practice and prescriptive authority are outlined in a written practice agreement; HB 3036 would change that relationship to one of collaboration. HB 3036 would require that PAs now enter into written collaboration agreements that describe the manner of collaboration but do not create any supervisory responsibility be assumed by the collaborator. The PA would be able to form this agreement with a physician, podiatrist or “clinically experienced physician assistant.” A clinically experienced PA is a PA who has at least 10,000 hours of clinical practice. The collaboration agreement would need to contain:
The clinically experienced PA can only collaborate with a PA if their 10,000 hours of practice is in the same specialty area. PAs would apply directly to the medical board for the ability to dispense prescription drugs.
HB 3036 would greatly simplify practice requirements and give PAs a further measure of autonomy. This bill would not give complete practice independence, as there are still employer performance review requirements. Additionally, it appears that clinically experienced PAs would still need to maintain their own collaboration agreements in addition to the less-experienced PAs with whom they collaborate. However, this would be a large step forward in the national trend to reduce practice restrictions on PAs and other advanced practitioners.
We will be monitoring this HB 3036 as it advances though the Oregon legislative process this year.