New Bill Would Give Independent Practice to PAs in Wyoming

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Thursday, February 18, 2021

A new bill in the Wyoming Senate would allow physician assistants (PAs) to practice in collaboration with physicians and others health care team members, but not require a written agreement. The bill is sponsored by Senator Fred Baldwin and is known as Senate File 0033 (SF 0033); you can be read the bill in full here. Currently, SF 0033 has been referred to the Senate Corporations Committee for further consideration. This committee is next scheduled to meet on February 23, 2021.
Currently, PAs in Wyoming must practice under a written supervision agreement with a physician. Their scope of practice and prescriptive authority are defined in these written agreements. SF 0033 would do away with the need for a formal written agreement entirely; instead, it would require that PAs collaborate with and refer to appropriate members of the health care team. These collaborations and referrals would be informed by the patient’s condition and the education and experience of the PA. The degree that this is to take place would be set at the practice level, which could include the employer, group or hospital. PAs would also be able to prescribe medications and controlled substances, including Schedule II drugs, as part of their license. The scope of practice is determined by the PA’s education, training and experience.
If passed, SF 0033 would give practice independence to PAs. It would remove the need for formal supervisory agreements and instead require that the PA use their professional judgment in providing patient care. This would be a major step forward in the national trend to reduce practice restrictions on PAs and other advanced practitioners.
We will be monitoring SF 0033 as it advances though the Wyoming legislative process this year.