OKLAHOMA Bill Provides for Nurse Practitioner Independence

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Thursday, February 17, 2022

Bill Name: House Bill 3683 (HB 3683) 

Primary Sponsor: Representative Sean Roberts

Status: FAILED 2/7/2022 Introduced and referred to House Committee on Rules. 2/16/2022 Referred to Committee on Public Health

AmSpa’s Take: Reducing practice oversight requirements and allowing independence for nurse practitioners (NPs) is a well-established national trend. A majority of states already provide this for nurse practitioners with positive results. This bill would make Oklahoma a more attractive practice location for new NPs or those wishing to relocate.

Outlook: This bill is in the first steps of the process and, based on the sponsor’s past records and party, it is more likely to pass. However, the bill is currently sponsored by only one representative, which could indicate less general support.

Analysis: Currently, nurse practitioners (NPs) must practice under the supervision of a physician. Their scope of practice and prescriptive authority are defined by this supervisory relationship as outlined in a written collaboration agreement. HB 3683 would change this to require only an initial period of practice under supervision. NPs would need to practice under physician supervision as they currently do, but only for their first two years of practice. After that, they would be independent and would not need to have any formal supervision.  

This would be a major change in NP practice and, after the initial period, would allow NP independent practices and clinics. The majority of states have already provided NPs with the ability to practice independently and, slowly but surely, the last few states are heading in that same direction. If you would like additional information, to read the bill or to contact the sponsors you can find the information you need through this link