Older People and Men Increasingly Seeking Cosmetic Surgery

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Wednesday, February 11, 2015

People aged 60 and over are increasingly turning to cosmetic surgery in a bid to 'look well', while men of all ages are becoming more eager to go under the knife, according to research from not for profit health organisation Nuffield Health. Nuffield Health has found 64% of its surgeons, who carry out 1 in 10 UK cosmetic procedures in the UK, reported an increase in older people seeking surgery – according to the organisation’s first Plastic Surgery Insight survey.  Four in five of Nuffield Health surgeons, based at 31 Nuffield Health hospitals across the UK, have noticed a rise in men seeking cosmetic surgery in the form of nose jobs, eyelid lifts and ‘man boob’ removal. Almost all surgeons (95%) reported a rise in the number of previously overweight or obese patients looking for surgery following dramatic weight loss. See more at www.spaopportunities.com.