Patient Preference: Male vs Female Surgeons

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Monday, January 9, 2017

While most women interested in cosmetic surgery do not have a gender preference when choosing a surgeon, more than one-quarter do have a preference. And those that do have a gender preference overwhelmingly prefer a female surgeon, according to a new study.
A private practice with a female plastic surgeon and male plastic surgeon (closely matched in training, experience and reputation) did a prospective study, surveying 200 consecutive patients. The patients called for consultations and two patient coordinators fielded the calls, asking for and documenting callers’ gender preferences, ages and area of cosmetic surgery interest.
What Researchers Found
All 200 patients were women. While 46% indicated they had no gender preference, 26% requested a female surgeon and 1% requested a male.
The 27% remaining asked for a doctor by name, of whom 53.7% requested the male surgeon, a statistically insignificantly greater percentage.
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