Redefining the Rules for #SocialMediaSuccess

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Is it possible to build a patient base with social media? No, really — without a practice website or other more traditional marketing means? Practice management pros wouldn’t advise it, but it’s a new world and the younger generation continues to redefine the rules. Case in point, Jason Emer, M.D., a young, successful dermatologic surgeon moved to Beverley Hills just over a year ago. Not only has Dr. Emer created a successful brand there from the ground up, but he’s also primarily promoted himself and his business through various social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. This is his story. Before making the move to Beverley Hills, Dr. Emer spent about a year in San Francisco training with numerous successful dermatologists and plastic surgeons in facial fillers, peels, laser and light treatments, skin cancer surgery and plastic surgery, including liposuction. This was after completing his two-year dermatopharmacology fellowship at the Mount Sinai School of medicine in New York City with Dr. Mark Lebwohl. While in San Francisco he worked for the practice of Dr. Andrew Menkes, and like many young and hungry physicians, Dr. Emer quickly realized that he wanted more — his own brand; his own practice. “I wanted to create an Image, a brand that provides care akin to a fancy concierge service at a luxury hotel,” explains Dr. Emer explains. Read more at Dermatology Times.