Sebacia Announces Leadership Update and Acquisition of Silver Photoparticle Technology Assets

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Sebacia, Inc., a privately held commercial stage dermatology and aesthetics company, has provided a business update, first announcing an update to its leadership team. Chuck Abraham has been appointed chief executive officer to lead the company's commercial strategy and execution, including the planned U.S. commercial launch of Sebacia Microparticles for treatment of acne.
In addition, Sebacia announces the acquisition of all assets related to Sienna Biopharmaceuticals' SNA-001 (silver photoparticle technology), a late-stage asset pursuing an FDA clearance for light hair removal. This includes all related intellectual property owned or licensed by Sienna and the 510(k) application for light hair removal, which was submitted to FDA in September 2019. The acquisition of these assets enables Sebacia to resolve the outstanding patent interference litigation between The General Hospital Corporation (GHC, the owner of certain patents licensed by Sebacia) and Sienna Biopharmaceuticals.
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